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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 6, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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he's been arrested a lot of times mainly for stealing bikes he was on probation for stealing bikes last time, he was the star of this security camera video. >> how manies times has he been arrested? >> 20, 30 times. >> he pleaded not guilty to charges of rez yil burglary and possession of burglary tools, he's a familiar face to san francisco cops. officer freedman is the department expert on bike thefts he knows him better than anyone. >> he's a serial bike thief, making his living stealing bikes. >> three days ago, he was caught in an apartment building. a security camera captured him he jimmied the lock of the door and seized the electrical panel
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on the wall. and then takes elevator down to the garage. travis eveningelman is with the company. >> in the garage, is where criminals like to go because there are valuable items and less people walking around. >> another camera catches him inside of the car gage he appears to have two bicycles and bike wheels, he tries to open the garage gate. the security company is monitoring activities and dispatching their guards. their cars suddenly appear in the video the guards get out, take him into custody and call police now, the question, will he be on the streets again? soon? >> we'll charge felonies within appropriateness of the law. but then, we find these guys on the street a week later. >> but this time, it may be
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different the charge of breaking into a residential property is a serious felony >> we have grave concerns. we're hoping that the court will see it our way and there will be consequences in this case. >> the judge imposed bail of $350,000 vic lee, abc7 news >> officers say the homicide suspect shot and killed yesterday was not armed with a rifle, but a bebe gun. we're live with that confrontation took place. lillian? >> reporter: the department of public safety says the fact it's a bebe gun doesn't change anything and they say the officer who confronted this suspect had every reason to feel threatened >> the uncle heard, he was helping neighbors relay a message to them.
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>> i called there, told them to holler and tell them he doesn't have a gun. hold off. i'll get there and solve the problem. see if i can talk to him, whatever. >> it was too late. officers arrived the tomorrow to serve search and arrest warrants, saying griggs came out of the room and didn't stop after an officer fired a nonlethal baton. >> during a following investigation, it was a bebe gun. >> he is expected of killing a woman living in his home before she went missing the officers have been paid on routine paid aadministrative leave the department identified them.
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>> it's an unfortunate situation that took mr. griggs' life. we're seeking to comply with the law. >> investigators say the homicide case will remain active. they're still trying to find a body. >> a suspected gang member attacked a police officer as he was being arrested for a shooting last month. police say the 18-year-old assaulted the arresting officer. a second officer daysed him, finding meth and heroin in his possession. he is suspected of shooting four people, one of them a pregnant 24-year-old. >> federal agents turned two young children over to child protective services after raiding an illegal drug lab in san jose they believe was being run by a mexican drug cartel.
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police collected evidence and investigators say they found a large amount of meth in tubs. >> police in berkeley arrested three people after finding psychedelic drugs and drug-making materials inside of a home in oregon this morning. part of the street was closeed and police found unknown substance then sent p a team to investigate. >> court documents have revealed details about the san francisco man at the center of an fbi manhunt. agents say they found homemade bomb components in his apartment. the judge ordered a mental health investigation the fbi reveals it searched his
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apartment after suspecting he'd bought hups of lethal doses of bio toxins online. >> for the past month, the bands of teenagers have been committing random crimes along cities along 880. allen wong is live with this story. allen? >> right now, i'm told that a group of 8 to 10 officers is at the bay fair bart station and anticipating about 60 teams coming down on the train from hayward. this trend is called wilding. and is trying to monitor large groups of teens sapping the police department of their resources that creating a multi
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agency task force. police believe this wilding trend was sparked by a you tube video. 600 young people roamed streets of chicago committing crimes. there are 100 teens assaulted and robbed people, mostly in bay fair mall area, they're using bart to wreak havoc up and down 880 corridor. a group of 60 were roaming the streets of hayward. police arrested one person and they were headed to san leandro. new plan will alert more officers from oakland to hayward. >> with a primary focus being public safety and ability to respond to address issues at hand so not just 5, or 6 police officers but 20, or 30 will. >> now, police believe these groups are using social media to
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organize rampages they say there are more incidents taking place and there is a potential incident happening at bay fair bart station we'll bring updates as needed. >> allen, thank you. police are searching for whoever is responsible for flipping another smart car overnight this, time in twin peaks. in this video, you can see the car flipped on the owner just finished paying it off. in april, vandals tipped over four smart cars >> a day after the one-year anniversary of edward snowden's public disclosures an emergency hearing was held about those
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allegations. jonathan bloom is live tonight. >> reporter: justice department was not here but participated by phone. snowden hadn't appeared when the case began. now, some of the evidence is in danger of being deleted from serv servers before there was edward snow den, there is mark klein. who found out the equipment was from government spying. >> i didn't sign up to work for nsa. >> when seven years later the case is in court. no verdict inside. >> we know the government is doing that, domestic spying that affects millions of americans and we ought to be able to decide whether that is legal.
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>> the attorney found herself in an emergency hearing, asking a judge to keep the government from deleting evidence. documents showed nsa was copying internet traffic. eff is suing on behalf of the novelist who believes communications were among millions collected but those could be erased and feds say, stopping their deal yeegs could mess up computers. >> there are national security implications here. i do think the government tends to overplay that card. >> courts have been cowardly. i would say. the best you can say conservative, weary of getting involved >> sitting in the back of the courtroom, the justice department refused to
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acknowledge data existed. . >> i was tempted to say look at the documents and the at and t documents. why are they pretending? >> so for now, nsa can keep he deleting to its heart's content. a year ago tomorrow we heard about a program called prix. this document shows that program would record your chat messages and a recording you may have left for someone. >> thank you, jonathan. >> still ahead tonight at 6:00 the bay area millionaire known as at hidden cash. we're about to reveal the identify of the man tweeting the money away. >> how much would you pay to have lunch with one of america's richest men? the final bids on warren buffet's fund-raiser. >> i'm sandhya patel
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we're going to get a sfeek peek of summer this weekend where it's going to get steamy, coming up >> later tonight, california chrome and the celebration now in the works for the big triple crown event. more still to come, stay with
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who is the man behind the hidden cash give away creating a social media craze? he's been identified as jason buzzee.
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he created a sensation a few weeks ago, tweeting anonymously he was hiding money around san francisco and offered clues to help people find the cash. jennifer merits is one of the few journalists speaking about the give away. he talked about the criticism he received for making millions on foreclosures >> his response is i understand where they're coming from, but i, people that are richer than me aren't doing anything to give money away. i don't understand why people are criticizing me. >> details of another cash drop are expected to be revealed on twitter, soon. >> in a couple hours, someone will win the chance to have a private lunch with warren yuf yeah. the highest by the just topped
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$1.8 million. and we're live where action is happening now. >> you still have time. the auction ends at 7:30 this evening. this is the auction party. a steak house in new york city. now, this is a true story the guy was hired by warren buffet to be his portfolio manager. so dan, you may have a new career. >> the reverend and his wife met him 15 years ago. abo buffet's late wife was a member. >> she says i want to you bring my husband, warren buffet.
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i said what? >> buffet came up with the idea to help raise money for programs glide has to offer. so 15 years ago, he invited a highest by thor out for lunch. janice remembered the first auction yielded only $25,000. today with ebay and publicity, they get upwards of $1 million, 1 year, $3 million. >> there is shouting and screaming and it is fun. >> buffet says why glide is so close to his heart. >> it's changed thousands of lives not only lives of the people that are beneficiaries of the action but people who participate with them. >> he's down to earth. and is a real human being.
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>> the auction helped launch $15 million. >> 850,000 meals per year. and we serve 500 and helps with supportive housing. >> that is right. >> good news, money it raises. it's stragerring. turning our attention to weekend weather forecast. >> that is right. some heat, right? >> we're expecting triple digits sunday. making outdoor plans that is the hotter day of the two. and i know we get complaints from people i'll have mild
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weather for the coast for you. fog sitting near the coast now. and we're going to have some around tomorrow. breeze is picking up, 24 in oakland, pushing low clouds across the bay. looking from our south beach camera towards san francisco, you can see cloud movements. mid-50s for half moon bay. from our roof camera, fog, low clouds around. upper 60s in santa rosa. cooler inland today but coastal spots looking for a slightly milder day.
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this is gorgeous. you can see it's cool and summer spread tomorrow. we're looking at triple digits inland sunday. low pressure inland, high pressure over pacific. this is typical for late spring into the summer time period. hot days inland. tomorrow morning just be careful. temperatures starting out uniform low to upper 60s. fog over the bay and into of the nornl bay. you'll need sun screen, warm in gilroy. 82 in sunnyvale.
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64 in pacifica. that is where you have to go. 70 in downtown san francisco. north bay, mid-80s in santa rosa. 80 in fremont. 93 in livermore, accu-weather forecast, accu-weather forecast our summer time micro climates, 32-degree spread. it's a wide range. this hits 70s at the coast. we'll drop you down into the 80s. so it's going to get hot. >> goats eating grass that poses a fire hazard. >> results coming up next.
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you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. >> you've probably seen firefighting goats around the bay area >> tonight our first look at i new study on just how effective these harry little firefighters are. >> yes. >> laura?
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>> here they are. just to give an idea. if standing in the same location, you won't be able to see me because of the tall grasses and weeds here but thanks to these guys this area is almost clear part of the effort to keep the east bay fire safe this summer. imagine having a job where your only responsibility is to eat. this nanny of sorts for the goats in the thousands of others roaming the east bay in search of a good meal. >> happy out there? >> absolutely. there is fresh water. >> it's a drought in full force. besides mowing away grass and
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brush, the goats are doing flood control part of a three-year study. >> are they carrying their weight sth >> they are >> those who live close by like to watch goats do their work >> last years have been the first time they started using goats to take care of the weeds we love it. it's fun to watch them. and they do a good job. >> efforts are supplemented by a flock of sheep and herbicide. >> busy, hard working. >> yes, they are. >> a mortgage fraud suspect. will the vip get money back? >> details on shootings in
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seattle. turns out the gunman had a history of mental hillness.
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a met peta luma man accused of defrauding homeowners out of thousands of dollars is seeking bankruptcy protection. a claim many alleged victims say is fraudulent. >> yes. michael finney is here with an update. >> yes. he is being investigated by the state department of justice and sonoma county district attorney for mortgage modification fraud. it's been a year since agents served search warrants on the home and office the da has yet to make a decision on whether to press charges now, some victims believe bankruptcy is an attempt to prevent them from getting their money back. >> he is seen here with his sedan. these are people that showed up in his bankruptcy hearing. these people say they paid him thousands to try to win a mortgage modification from the
6:31 pm
banks for their homes. and most say they got nudging in return. >> we contacted our bank, all 100 people contacted to see how he took care of them. every bank said the same thing. never heard from him. >> in his filings, lopez with his wife claim they have $2.1 million in assets but $3.2 million in liabilities. among holdings, this 2200 square foot home in petaluma, and adjoining three-acre ranch. cameras are not allowed inside and creditors were allowed to ask questions during the hearing. this family asked under oath if he had received $15,000 from them. miguel denied it. a signed letter from lopez acknowledging receipt of $15,000 with a copy of lopez's driver's license. >> he told me everything is okay he told me he's finished
6:32 pm
i call the bank the bank told me nothing. nothing. >> miguel denied doing business after he said he shut down the company, mortgage modifiers in february, 2013. several people in court say they have written checks to the company since that date. >> they denied everything and lied about taking money and about dates. >> bob says his mother almost lost her home. homeowners questioned the amount of money the couple reported from heidi's business caring for horses and question heidi's claim she was paid in wine, not cash for work in local winery. and they wanted to know what happened to the money paid. miguel says all of the money was used for expenses and pay back debts. >> what did you think of having those people in the courtroom? that angry at you?
6:33 pm
>> i asked if they had anything to say to customers of mortgage modifiers who feel they have been defrauded. >> you can tell the people anything you want. you can explain anything you want. tell us what happened. >> the couple remained silent. it was a year ago in april that state authorities served a search warrant on mortgage modifier's office, seizing records and computer files the evidence has been handed over to investigators. no decision has been made on whether or not to press charges. >> 20 of us showing up. 20 victims showing up. really hopefully woke him up he's done harm to many people. >> the da said it would have no comment until after it's investigation was completed. >> thank you, michael. >> police say at accused seattle pacific university shooter admitted he wanted to kill as many people as possible then
6:34 pm
take his own life. a judge found probable cause to hold aaron ybarra without bail for yesterday's shooting. police are crediting senior for stopping the assault when he pepper sprayed and tackled ybarra. his attorney says his client had mental health problems for years and was on yoesed with 1999 columbine shootings. >> 70 years ago today, 150 troops took part in d day, massive, bloody invasion of normalandy in france. that is june 6, 19446789 today, leaders paid tribute to soldiers who died on d day. president obama called the sands of normandy.
6:35 pm
>> our claim to liberty, freedom and dignity of every human being, that claim is written on the blood on these beaches. it will endure for eternity. >> the commemoration offered a chance for the president and russian president to cross paths . >> moving on a state law requires drivers to stay 36 inches are from bicycle riders on the streets but how will the law work? >> that is a question for the i team. dan noyes is here with the story that he'll have tonight at 9:00. >> it's hard to argue with ideas. set up a buffer zone. here it is. three feet. that to mean the difference between life and death well. took to the streets.
6:36 pm
>> i don't think downtown streets are the right place for a bicycle. >> but the number of the bicycles is growing, soon, if you get too close, will you get a ticket? how will police be able to tell? and i ride busy streets on a bike. it's a little scary. >> great. >> coming up a birthday bash. >> a celebration you won't forget for another 40 years. dinner at the table. is approaching i think something like 12 minutes.
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merchants in fruit veil district are intensifying protests against new rapid bus lanes the road running along lake merit, then into san leandro. business owners fear it will remove 150 on street parking spots.
6:40 pm
>> what am i supposed to do? >> as a matter of fact, we're gaining spaces. so you can see the red zone? those are going to be parking spaces. >> oakland is creating 9.2 miles of rapid bus lanes. >> tonight jobs are back. 217,000 people added to us us payrolls and we've regained the number of jobs lost. the unemployment rate remains high. wall street had this reaction, dow gaining 88 points today. s and p set it's 8th high in ten days a santa clara company made a dab yut today, jacking up the ipo price, then went 30% higher.
6:41 pm
and uber today said it's raised 1.2 billion in investments. >> well a big show today in san francisco city >> that is george shultz hamming it up to celebrate. did you see the mayor glittering and willie brown decked out in royal attire? there have been 15,000 performances. >> coming up next california chrome preparing to go after the triple crown.
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history could be made tomorrow. a small northern california city is thrilled to be a part of it. it's been three decades since last couple crowd winner. and california chrome is going to try tomorrow. for residents of yuba city, california chrome's hometown, excitement is building. >> anticipation has been building knowing they can be part of history. many shops are getting into the spirit, decorating with purple and green. >> these are the colors for california chrome we're excited we want to support our local boy. go! >> the floral shop is paying tribute. >> the horse owners are from yuba city. they're so humble. these are really good people. >> local businesses are going
6:46 pm
all out. the street will close to vehicle traffic beginning at noon. a festival is expected to draw up to 25,000 people. one concern will be being outdoors in the heat. >> we're putting intents, and doing misters and things like that. >> this is a planning process, we may have to adjust accordingly. and this is based upon crowds and temperatures. >> the focus is now on the triple crown. >> just a great story from the get go. and we want to be part of it. >> to get results go to abc7 and sign up. >> that is exciting. >> yes. it is. and there is more greater on.
6:47 pm
>> neat. >> sandhya is in with a look. >> yes. >> we're getting hot weather this weekend. fog keeping you on comfortable to cool side near beaches lingering into afternoon, near golden gate. temperatures coming up tomorrow, 76 in oakland. it's going to get hot. if you're going to the fare, weather into 70s, during afternoon evening hours. you'll need to wear sun screen for 10:00 p.m . accu-weather forecast 100 in our hottest inland valleys by sunday. 70 degrees on the coast.
6:48 pm
cooling you down, beaches monday, not so much inland. then, we'll drop temperatures towards latter part of the week. we can see alerts sunday and monday. >> thank you. >> rick kwaun is here >> that is right and has more from nba finals from last night. >> air conditioning is now working. so i'm from houston in sports what lebron james had to say about having to leave game one early because of cramps and a's try to continue
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
spurs beat the heat last night, one reason is lebron james. air conditioning failure at at and t into 90s. san antonio pulled away to win. team james taking a lot of heat
6:52 pm
for not being able to man up to stay in the contest. lebron doesn't listen but he isn't down on himself. >> i'm angry and disappointed in myself. i did everything i needed to do to prepare. you know, the body failed me last night. i was angry. i couldn't help the team get over the hump. >> james says he will be ready for game two sunday and so should the air conditioning. special quest larry riley. >> tiller dede on the mound today. a wild afternoon after walking the bases loaded in the first. another run scored and john
6:53 pm
norwood with a single to left. bdee did allow six runs. now facing a must win situation tomorrow. >> a's playing in baltimore. josh donald son for his 17th of the season. tommy malone backed by great defense. two outs in the third adam jones to donaldson. and machado didn't like. that the two exchanged words. machedo deep to center now in the 9th, this game tied three a
6:54 pm
piece. the defending french open chance will have a chance to win the tournament and claims he has a bad back but looks strong today. and now, nadal coming to the net. he went and knicks take on jokavich trying to become the age man to complete a career grand slam. goalus goes down the line for that winner. jokavich not too happy, breaks his racket. in memphis, ben crane is on a
6:55 pm
role, shooting 65 today to grab a six-stroke lead. lightning and heavy rain caused play to be delayed. this sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> tough time of the year for weather. >> yes. yes. >> thank you, rick >> join me tonight at 9:00, we're going to tell you how, why a german artist created a program seeking out and cutting off wi-fi for google glass users >> a law promises to protect cyclists in the city. rules of the road put to the test. what he found out tonight at 11:00 >> tonight here on abc7 it's shark tank, follow by the what would you do, then back at 11:00. >> sunday, game two of the finals. coverage at 4:30. you don't have to miss a moment. you can see it live on your smart phone, tablet or computer
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>> tonight thoughts about what really matters belmont stakes horse race is tomorrow. and unlike most years people are people westbound tuned in. because a horse called california chrome has a rare chance to make history, first to win the triple crown since affirmed in 1978. he's an amazing animal, born, raised here in northern california a fierce racer in this remarkable position tomorrow after winning the preakness and kentucky derby people don't pay much attention to horse racing until there is a great story this, is a great story. most champion race horses are physical freaks. all have a lot of heart but this one has grain brains, too. his trainers describe his ability to understand where he is on the track, smat enough not to get confused in flying dirt, shouts and whips. another part of the story,
6:57 pm
owners not blue bloods but blue collar, got into the sport on a lark and a shoe string. america loves an under dog but love a front runner. what matters is that we tune in to watch him run, is that california chrome is a bit of both. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. >> and that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you again at 9:00 and
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a production-company associate originally from summit, new jersey... a museum curator from haddonfield, new jersey... and our returning champion, a pediatric nurse practitioner student from nashville, tennessee... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. well, we're now into june. most of the kids are out of school, so my hope is that you're watching and playing along at home as a family unit.
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